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The CBD oil is mixed with pure olive oil that enhances its taste and efficacy. Whether you ingest this oil directly or mix it with hot drinks or other edibles, there won’t be any unpleasant taste either way. Goodbody Botanicals’ CBD oil UK turns regular edibles into energy boosters helping you deal with all kinds of stress. CBD oils are gaining popularity amongst the masses and many are beginning to recognise their benefits. However, the main concern that most people have is what amount they should start with. That’s the reason Goodbody Botanicals now provide all of our oils with a unique measuring syringe.

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CBD Oil High Quality

Cannabis oil is known to stimulate your body’s receptors and with very few side effects. We have manufactured our CBD oil high quality from carefully grown cannabis plants. The hemp extract is 100% lab-tested and is void of harmful additives. GB always prioritizes our customers’ health, and hence, this UK made CBD oil undergoes strict scrutiny before it reaches you.

CBD oil UK or otherwise is usually packed in a 10ml bottle that also has a dropper housed in the lid. Goodbody is different, our Oil Drops include an accurate measuring device and ergonomic packaging to ensure that consuming our oil is hassle-free. These broad-spectrum oil drops are mixed with natural flavours, terpenes, olive oil, and hemp extract to give you a balanced dosage.

Our supplies comply with the UK’s home office regulations. We believe in providing our valued customers with nature’s treasures by removing only what we have to. Once these CBD oil drops are a part of your diet, you’ll notice an uplift in your mood and energy. Why not try our CBD oil drops with black forest flavour are vegan-friendly and safe.


Order this 10ml bottle now and treat yourself with pure hemp extracts. Our CBD oil drops are perfect for beginners and show a positive impact on their wellbeing. Once your body is familiar with balance and effects, you can upgrade the amount and maybe try GB’s other CBD alternatives.