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Cannabis Oil UK

Some people are sensitive to sudden dietary changes and are always worried if a particular substance would suit them or not. If you are cautious about trying new additives, cannabis oil is not known to have any allergens so is worth considering. The Presence of cannabinoids makes CBD oil a mild product and doesn’t trigger any significant changes in your body. Instead, ingesting Goodbody cannabis oil can support your immune system and balance your nervous system.

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Our cannabis oil drops are made from organically grown and natural cannabis plants that are enriched with naturally productive cannabinoids. The extracted oil is lab-tested to ensure that its THC level is safe for public usage and doesn’t show any dependence potential. This 10ml container makes consuming cannabis oil easier for you.

Whether you prefer this oil in food or drinks, use the CBD oil dropper and add a few drops. Our flavoured Oils can improve the taste of your food/drink whilst simultaneously providing you with a balanced wellbeing. Most of our cannabis oil is gluten-free and is vegan so that everyone can consume it without worrying about allergic reactions. The Addition of mild flavours can make our cannabis oil drops more pleasant tasting for some, whilst enriching your meal routine.

Goodbody Botanicals’ cannabis oil UK contains organic olive oil which is then mixed with 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% cannabis extract. These two components are balanced for your nervous system, with no risk to your physical health either. You can take this CBD OIL daily without the risk of addiction/dependence and carry out your regular activities.

These powerful oil drops are easy to consume and easily fit into an extremely busy lifestyle. Just keep this 10ml bottle with you and take out some drops when required. The lab-tested cannabis will provide a fresh flavour and leave behind a pleasant effect.

When a cannabis oil bottle is left uncapped for a few days, its composition changes and you might notice some difference in the taste. Therefore, you should store this cannabis oil in a dark/cold place away from direct sunlight. Correct storage will ensure the oil’s purity will remain unharmed for long, and you will get the promised benefits as well.